Red Landscape

Primitive World Landscape

A mix of watercolor and gouache on board, 7″x5″. Inspired by the pieces of local black and grey myrickite that have bright red streaks of cinnabar running through them. There’s a few pieces of it at the local history museum.

I treated the paint different from how watercolor is normally used. The brush I used was a stiff synthetic one meant for heavy bodied acrylic or oil paint, and the board was also meant for acrylic or oil. One advantage to this is that even after the paint is fully dry I can rewet it and even wipe it all off, as I did on the bottom third of the painting which was originally mostly covered in opaque black gouache.

I made a second painting, but one of the watercolors I used on that has honey mixed into it, which slows drying time, and because the paint is a little thicker than watercolor would normally be in a few spots it still hasn’t fully dried. Maybe in a day or two I can scan it.

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