Watercolor Sunset

Watercolor Sunset

As far as I can remember it’s been many years since I’ve actually painted with watercolor on paper, but I have a large collection of nice paints (mostly Daniel Smith) and I thought I’d try using them again. This painting above is based on one by Joseph Turner, one of my favorite artists to ever live, and was made using Holbein’s “Irodori Antique” watercolors. I used amber, bronze blue, and red ochre.

With watercolor it’s harder to change something once you do it, and there’s a certain fear that a brushstroke or color choice won’t be right and ruin the painting. Maybe I’ll make some practice paintings this week.

Tomorrow I’m getting some new oil paints in the mail, from three brands I’ve never used before. I thought I might make a more technically focused post once I try them out and write about my first impressions with them. Considering the price on two of them, reputedly being “premium” brands, I have high hopes for them.


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