My Palettes

Well I haven’t actually made much lately, but I have been doing art related things. As you can see from my palettes, I’ve been mixing paint like crazy so I can find combinations that I like. The example above is a small portion of a palette where I’m recording 50/50 mixes of different pigments. In the past I never did get the hang of mixing skin tones, so I’ve been practicing that as well.

Actually, I’ve been enjoying it so much that I thought I might turn color theory into a regular thing on this blog. How does Color Theory Thursdays sound?

Also, I’ve gone overboard lately with ordering paint and I’ll soon be getting two separate new shipments, which will include paint from four brands that I’ve never used, plus 1 more tube from Old Holland. Just 1-3 tubes from three of the brands, but I think 11 tubes from the forth. I am -very- excited for this 4th brand. I’ve only recently learned about this brand and it’s apparently a somewhat new and very small one, but I’ve heard a lot of really good things about it. Once I get all of these I’ll try them out and post my findings here like I did before with Old Holland, Gamblin, and Williamsburg.

One thought on “My Palettes

  1. I really enjoyed and was enlightened by your post on your impressions of the different paint brands. Seeing all your experiments with mixing paints and color theory is really interesting too. I look forward to reading and seeing more of those posts along with your lovely artwork.

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