Landscape in Earth Colors

Watercolor on 300lb paper, 4.25″x6.75″

I just got in the mail some paints from a brand I’ve never tried, Rublev Watercolours from Natural Pigments. I got this set of three earth pigments. This company has a running theme of offering historic paints in oil and watercolor, with plenty of earth colors and a few pigments you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. They’re based in northern California, in a small mountain town that I’ve actually been to before.

My first impression is that the paint is very enjoyable to work with, although a little different than I’m used to. The Red Sartorius Earth and Verona Green Earth were both thick and pasty coming out of the tube and the Lemon Ochre had a little of that plus some separation of the pigment and binder. This is to be expected because this brand notes on the individual paint pages “Some separation of pigment and medium may occur in Rublev Watercolours and is a natural process when no stabilizers are added to paint to prevent this from occurring.”

All three paints I got are made from natural earth pigments and they have a good amount of granulating texture as you can see in the painting above. I really like this about them. Working with them produces a certain visceral response in me. There’s something decidedly “real” about this paint. The Red Sartorius Earth is my favorite of the three. I’m very interested in trying a few more of these paints.

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