Figure Sketches 1

I was cleaning out the backlog of my RSS feeds for art sites (over 1500 messages left to sort through @_@) and I came across this site-

PIXELovely Figure & Gesture Drawing

I set the options to show me a new non-nude (you can select nude if you want) photo of either a male or female model once every 60 seconds (you can set different times). I then opened photoshop, had the windows positioned to see both the photoshop window and the photo in the browser window at once, and started drawing. After 60 seconds the photo automatically switched to a new one without me having to do anything and I switched to a new layer to start a new drawing.

Here’s 13 of the figure sketches that I made-

There’s also an apparently large section for animal photos too. If you want to pause, skip a photo, or go back to the previous one, there’s easy to use buttons too. I really like this site so far and I think I’ll be doing a lot of figure drawings now.

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