Self-made watercolors on Fabriano 300lb soft press paper, 3.5″ x 7″

I was recently experimenting with making watercolor paints from the dry pigments I got from Natural Pigments and I made this with a few of them. The white I used in a couple of them is actually an old container of titanium white pigment from Daniel Smith, but the rest are my new pigments.

The sky and clouds are two blues made from different mixes of ultramarine, italian dark ochre, titanium white, and raw umber. The grass is made from a few mixes of ultramarine, yellow ochre light, italian dark ochre, lemon ochre, and a little titanium white.

It was a lot of fun not only using the paints I had previously made but also deciding that I needed a couple of greens that hadn’t been made yet and mixing them together part way through.

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