Falling Water

Falling Water

Black gouache on canvas, 5″x7″

The rocks are based on a painting that’s in my book of Korean landscape paintings, and the waterfall is based on some waterfalls that I saw in Japanese woodblock prints, but the composition I just made as I went. Until I had painted a few strokes and began shading what eventually became one of the rocks I wasn’t sure what I was going to be painting at first.

This was another experiment with using watermedia on a canvas board. I didn’t want too much canvas texture though so for this I made a mix of Golden fiber paste and some acrylic gel medium and covered the whole canvas evenly with a large spatula shaped like something you’d flip tiny burgers with. When that was dry I did a second coat with a mix of more fiber paste, some acrylic impasto medium, and some white acrylic paint because the paste wasn’t as white as I’d want. That got it acceptably smooth and cleanly white. It wasn’t until that was all dry that I started painting.

For my brush I used a size 4 round Textura synthetic brush from Raphaël. The bristles are very stiff and it’s made for thick acrylic paints and mediums. It even has “HEAVY BODY” written right on the brush. With this brush I was able to scrub the gouache into place using dry brush techniques for most of it. I was going to also use white gouache at first but I decided against it early on because I wouldn’t have gotten the same semi transparent greys.

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