Nebelwald 2

Nebelwald 2

Oil on canvas, 7″x5″

It’s been awhile since I last painted Nebelwald, but it has many of my favorite things, so here’s another view of it. As last time I painted this with charcoal black (PBk8) from Blue Ridge but this time I used some titanium white (PW6) that I had made myself using pigment from Blue Ridge and for glazing in the upper layers I switched to pure zinc white (PW4) from Daniel Smith. This painting seemed to emerge from the mist as I painted it. I wasn’t exactly sure what it would be at first but then mountains took shape and dark forms of rocks and trees finally presented themselves to me.

2 thoughts on “Nebelwald 2

  1. so beautiful and impressive colours…I love this painting! This scene makes me imagine the air temperature, and various scenery.

    1. Thanks, that’s what I was hoping for. A painting or drawing or photo doesn’t have to be just one view if it can invite the viewer to explore it in their mind. When that happens the viewer can become a part of the art they are looking at. 🙂

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