Nebelwald 3

Nebelwald 3

Watercolor on 140lb rough paper, 10″x15″

Last night I made my first painting in a large book of watercolor paper that was made in India from recycled paper. I’ve had this book for a long time, maybe a year and a half, but I was worried that I would make a mistake if I tried painting in it so I never did. Last night saw other people in a forum talking about the same book and how much they like it, so I decided to abandon doubt and just attack the paper with my brush. I used lunar black (PBk11) watercolor from Daniel Smith and a black goat hair quill mop brush from Da Vinci. My scanner isn’t big enough for the entire paper so some of the white space at the top got cut off.

11 thoughts on “Nebelwald 3

    1. A few I’ve given to family members over the years, but mostly they just lay around. I’ve considered signing up with one of those websites that you can sell prints of your art through, but I keep wanting to wait until I make something better first. 🙂

    1. Thanks, I started by looking at a photo for the idea but after the first few strokes in the background I shifted toward something composed very different for that and all the rest. 🙂

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