Night Forest

Night Forest

Oil on linen, 5″x7″

Painting in just black and white is a lot of fun, but thinking of a title for a painting is a little harder. Usually I wait until I’m trying to save the file so I can upload it and I think “oh, I have to name it now…” A lot of times I just name it what it is, like “waterfall” if it’s a painting of a waterfall. This time I thought I’d try something more poetic, but everything sounds so cliche and forced. Next time maybe I’ll write a title first and then paint what the words describe.

I started this painting with a mix of graphite grey (PBk10, graphite, cold dark grey) and davy’s grey deep (PBk19, slate, warm dark grey) from Williamsburg. I really liked how the mix looked, but it wasn’t dark enough, so after it dried I painted over it with German earth (natural PBk11, black earth) from Williamsburg and titanium white (PW6+PW4) from M Graham. I thinned that paint with Liquin from Winsor & Newton for most of it except the darkest parts that are pure black. Once that dried I finished by adding highlights on the trees and grass with thinned zinc white (PW4, very transparent white) from Daniel Smith.

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