Mountains and Mist

Mountains and Mist

Oil on canvas, 5″ x 7″

For this painting I wanted to try out three paints I recently bought. Flake white hue (Winsor & Newton), yellow ochre (Grumbacher pre-tested) and light red (Holbein).

The white is suppose to mimic flake white, which is made with lead. Since I don’t use or have the real flake white I don’t know how good of a job this paint does at being like it, but I actually liked how it mixed with the colors. It’s a mix of titanium and zinc white that wasn’t too strong so it was easier to adjust the other colors by a small amount than when using regular titanium white. This is good for me because I prefer mixing most of my paint on the canvas instead of on the palette. If the white is too strong then I find that small adjustments are harder to make, but if it’s too weak then I end up with too much paint on the canvas. I got this from Hobby Lobby (a hobby/craft/art store chain in the US) with a 40% off coupon, so it was very inexpensive.

I was actually impressed with the yellow ochre. I haven’t bought or used anything from Grumbacher in many years and they tend to have less expensive paint compared to many other brands. I found this tube in the sale bin of another art store because its cap was crooked and it had leaked a bit of oil, so instead of their usual price of $6 I got it for $3. The paint inside the tube was perfectly fine though. It’s a mix of both natural yellow ochre and synthetic mars yellow, and its consistency is like soft butter. I would be interested in trying out another tube of their paint in the future.

The light red is one of those many different terms for both natural and synthetic red ochres. This one from Holbein is synthetic and I also found this in the sale bin. Although I do have an assortment of Holbein oil and watercolor paints I haven’t actually bought any for a long time now. The consistency is also like butter, but shorter and not quite as soft as the yellow ochre.

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