Victoria Harbour Sunset

Hong Kong Sunset 1

Hong Kong Sunset 2

These are old photos from 2008. At the time my family and I were living in Korea on a 90 day visa. When it was getting close to running out for my mom and I we were considering taking a ferry to Fukuoka in Japan, staying there a couple of days, and then returning for another 90 days. I found so little information about the ferries available in English though that I was nervous about the idea of traveling a long distance to a city on the coast that I had never been to and then trying to figure out where the ferry would be without getting lost. Instead, we flew to Hong Kong because I at least knew how to get the airport.

We were only there for less than 3 whole days before going back to Korea, but it was a lot of fun. We took the ferry in the photo above on a tour of the harbor and were within walking distance of the art museum, a planetarium, restaurants, and a lot of other nice places.

Hong Kong Sunset 3

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