Valley of Waterfalls and Mist

Valley of Mist

Oil on linen, 8″ x 6″

I think I may have once again painted my four favorite things- forest, mountains, mist, and waterfalls.

For this painting I used a 50/50 mix of French Cassel Earth (NBr8 natural bituminous earth, Williamsburg) and Viridian (PG18, M Graham) along with Flake White Hue (PW6+PW4, Winsor & Newton). Of all the paints in my collection the Cassel Earth that I recently got is one of the highlights for its uniqueness. The willingness of Williamsburg to make a non-mainstream paint like this that can’t just be gotten from a dozen other brands (Vasari is the only other brand that makes it) is one of my favorite things about them. It’s not completely lightfast (I’ve read that the brownishness turns grey over time) but it’s a transparent, gritty, blackish brown that feels very real and alive. When mixed with viridian, a semi transparent and cool shadowy green that’s possibly my favorite green, it becomes a highly transparent dull earthy green. Then mixed with white it becomes like jade.

The only brush I used was a Princeton synthetic filbert, 6300 series, size 2, and I didn’t wash it at any time while painting. I only worked with wet paint in two painting sessions during one day. You can see the scratches of the stiff bristles scrapping away some of the paint as I worked which left interesting textures.

I painted this on oil-primed linen that’s fixed to a wood panel, made by SourceTek. I’ve never used one of their products before, but I got this because it was discounted by 50% at the art store I was in and I thought I’d try it. It worked out well.

The colors in this photo might not be completely accurate because I took the photo outside in the shade, but I edited it a little to better match the real painting.

10 thoughts on “Valley of Waterfalls and Mist

    1. Thanks! I want to get back into painting bigger soon and hopefully get similar results in terms of detail level and composition but with more content. I just looked at my “stack of stuff” and there’s a bunch of 12″x16″ and a few 16″x20″ gesso boards in there… 🙂

    1. Thanks, and I really like the landscapes from Caspar David Friedrich too. Actually, one of the paintings I’ve been working on lately is a (modified) copy of one of his. 🙂

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