Northern Woods

Northern Woods

Watercolor on paper, Moulin du Roy 140lb cold press, 3 1/8″ x 5 3/4″

A cold winter night, with fog and stars.

Among the things that arrived from Dick Blick yesterday were many sheets of watercolor papers from brands I’ve never used before but wanted to try. Moulin du Roy is a French brand that I think I first noticed in that catalog a few months ago as something new. I got 1 or 2 sheets each of 140lb cold press, hot press, and rough. I really like this paper so far.

The watercolor paint I used is Dick Blick’s house brand of indigo (PB66). I’ve used a couple of tubes of their oil paint before, which is decent enough, but this is my first time with their watercolor. I was impressed by the strength of it, and it was very inexpensive.

Indigo paints come in 3 basic varieties. Originally there was genuine indigo, which is a fugitive pigment (it fades in sunlight easily). I think only Kremer Pigments currently makes watercolor paint with that, but there might be one other I don’t know about. This indigo used here is the synthetic version of real indigo, and this pigment is used by a few different brands of paint. I think it’s suppose to be more lightfast than natural indigo, but I really can’t guarantee anything. Lastly and most commonly the paint called “indigo” is actually just convenience mixture of various blue and black pigments, and sometimes possibly a little dioxizine violet, quinacridone violet, or some other dark color depending on the brand. I like the subtle color of this particular indigo and the strength of how dark it can be.

8 thoughts on “Northern Woods

    1. They do seem to have gone over well, and I like them too. I’m looking through my reference folder for paintings/photos that I want to paint something similar to soon and I’m not really finding any night ones though, just some that are late evening. I’ll come up with something though…

    1. Thanks 🙂
      I think I had intended to go darker than this at first because the indigo paint can be nearly black at full strength but it didn’t seem like it’d still have the same dreamy feeling if I did.

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