There’s this one trail that I like to walk on during the winter because it’s very rocky and every rock is covered in moss like this. During the summer it’s dry and doesn’t rain here, but in winter the rains come and the rocks turn green with moss.

Moss Close Up

Here’s a small part at full size. This is very tiny, but even this might be a dense forest to a tinier bug. I want the rain to hurry up and make the moss green again.

4 thoughts on “Moss

    1. You would never make it through this trail. It’s at the base of an old volcano and is lined with large boulders. Pretty much all of the rocks and most of the trees have at least a little if not a lot of moss, so we call it “the mossy trail.” 🙂

  1. There is somebody’s FB page titled “Old Moss Woman”. I’ve actually never seen it, but I see the posts on other people’s pages from her page. I love moss as does everybody. I wonder why that is? I would love having moss like this on the rock walkway in my garden. It is lovely even if it isn’t dark green. 🙂

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