Sunset Over Plains

Sunset Over Plains

Mixed media, watercolor and conte crayon on paper, 3.75″ x 5.25″

I’ve never tried using watercolor together with conte crayons before, so this is yet another experiment for me. I think it worked out well, so I’ll try this again.

The watercolors I made myself and include Italian dark ochre (one of my favorites of all my paints), yellow ochre light, and Nicosia green earth.

I’m actually having a little problem with the green earth since I didn’t use any preservative in it. Out of all 12 of the watercolors I made and put in tubes this is the only one that’s done this, but I noticed a few days ago that the tube was swollen very full. When I saw that I was like “Wait, did I fill it that much?” When I took the cap off a small amount of paint burst out of the opening and when I squeezed the end of it there was a large air pocket.

From what I’ve been told in the past it seems that whatever bacteria that may have been in the earth that was ground up into pigment are now eating the honey the paint was made with (even though honey is suppose to be anti-bacterial?) and are producing gas. So, basically, my paint tube has germ farts in it.

Since then it swelled again and I squeezed out more air, and now it’s starting to swell yet again. I may just squeeze out most of the paint into a container. Next time I’ll try making the paint with a tiny drop of clove oil added to the gum arabic to act as a preservative, and we’ll see how that works.

7 thoughts on “Sunset Over Plains

    1. I was watching a tv show about clouds yesterday. Did you know that when a thunderstorm dies it sends a gust of air downwards that causes dust to fly up into the air, and when there’s enough such as in a desert it will start a chain reaction that causes a dust storm?

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