Morning Mist

Morning Mist

Watercolor on paper, 3.5″ x 5.5″

I wanted to try something out to see if it’d work. First I covered this paper with a dark wash of indigo (PB66) from Dick Blick and then while it was still damp I started adding titanium white watercolor that I had made myself to it. I think it worked out well. It’s normally very uncommon to use white paint in watercolor, except possibly as a highlight in a reflection. Most watercolorist will only use the white of the paper as their white.

Speaking of paint I’ve made, earlier today I got my first package from Kremer Pigments. In it is zirconium yellow (PY159), red bole (some sort of red earth), chromite (some greenish earth I think), Victoria green (PG51, I think, no one seems to make this anymore), iron oxide black (PBk11, a bluish variety), ultramarine violet (PV15, a light reddish variety), eggshell white (made from crushed eggshells), and aluminum tri/di-stearate (used as a stabilizer in oil paint). It’s been awhile since I last posted any new paint I’ve made, but I have been trying out some stuff and getting more things. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make some more paint and post it…

3 thoughts on “Morning Mist

  1. i like the effect, looks great. look forward to seeing your paint making as well. I just got done with my first test run of soft pastels, turned out great. Take care

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