Watercolor on paper, 7″ x 5″

A simple scene of two eagles flying home at the end of a day. The composition is based on a closeup of an old man’s beard from a painting by Rembrandt.

I painted this with the anthracite (coal) watercolor that I made in my last post. It turns out that it’s actually so inert when applied to wet paper that even the brush strokes were easily retained as I painted the two main mountains, which is interesting because it gives me additional texture options. I really like this paint.

When I get some more empty tubes I’ll grind up the rest of the anthracite and make a full tube of it in watercolor. The dried paint I made before seems a little hard to rewet, so I think it’ll be best to have it stored as wet paint in a tube. I briefly tried making a little bit of oil paint with the same pigment today but it seems like it’d be more useful as watercolor because its strong texture can be seen.

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