Fir Forest in Winter

Red Forest

Oil on canvas, 8″ x 10″

This is a very rough copy of Fir Forest in Winter by Ivan Shishkin. I wasn’t actually looking at his painting while I painted my own except a few times glancing at it and I’m not nearly as detailed, so mine is kind of different. It looks (slightly) better in person, rather than this scan that lost a bit of detail in the brushstrokes. >_>

I painted this using only 4 paints from Williamsburg- Italian Pompeii red (PR102), Italian terra verte (PG23), German earth (PBk11), and titanium white (PW6). Except for the German earth these are new paints for me that I got in the past week or two and it’s my first time using them. I really like the Pompeii red. I think it’s my brightest red ochre and seems to be the red I’ve been hoping for. Not artificial looking, but not too dark or too dull, and very warm.

Fir Forest in Winter Copy

Here’s a drawing of the same scene I made with conte crayons before I started painting.

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