Clouds and Waves (finished)

Clouds and Waves Finished

Oil on canvas, 5″ x 7″

Somehow the paint from yesterday evening was already nearly dry this morning. I know burnt umber dries fast but I’m wondering if the marble dust I mixed into the acrylic ground absorbed some of the oil out of the paint.

It’s afternoon now and I decided to glaze over it with a mix of putty (linseed stand oil, walnut oil, marble dust), some more of the burnt umber I made, and then from Daniel Smith I used some transparent blender, genuine lapis lazuli, and zinc white. The lapis lazuli looks good out of the tube but is such a weak paint that it just doesn’t live up to its marketing hype. It’s fairly good at glazing though. I don’t normally do glazing but I like how this worked.

2 thoughts on “Clouds and Waves (finished)

  1. to be very honest, i liked the original version so much more. it was menacing and comforting at the same time… this is not to say that i do not like this finished painting, though.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Someone else on an art forum I posted this also liked the first version better. When I posted the first version I wasn’t actually intending to do anything else with it, but then I started feeling a little insecure about it. There’s been many times that I show a painting to someone, usually in person, and they like it but then ask something like “Are you going to finish this one?” and I feel awkward, not wanting to embarrass them by saying “It is finished.” but at the same time I feel embarrassed too. Instead I try to be diplomatic and end up mumbling something about just leaving it as it is. I really like sketches, sometimes more than finished paintings, but I’m not always sure if I’m calling something “done” because I really think it is or if I’m just not putting enough effort into it. Either way I gained a lot of new and good experiences from this painting. 🙂

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