Night Sky

Night Sky

Oil on canvas, 5″ x 7″

This is my favorite constellation. Maybe that’s because it’s the only one I can find on my own without help, but it’s still my favorite. Do you recognize it?

Originally I had painted a shooting star too, but then I realized it was hitting him in the crotch. Whoops~

All of the stars I painted are real stars from my book on constellations, though I might be slightly off with the placement of each one relative to the others. The top left star is Betelgeuse and the bright one at the bottom right is Rigel.

The black that I used for this is one I made myself using Iron Oxide Black 306 Bluish from Kremer Pigments. It seems like a good black to use if I were to ever paint something with a Zorn palette.

3 thoughts on “Night Sky

  1. Oh my goodness, this brings back times when me and my family used to live in this little town. I would always find that constellation…it’s was so beautiful to look at as we drove home at night. Made me feel so content with life!

    1. It’s very recognizable. A couple of days ago I was watching a nature show about antarctica and in the night time lapse of the stars rising I thought I saw something familiar… but it was upside down because of where the show was. Silly penguins are living in upsidedownland. 🙂

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