Night Travelers

Night Travelers

Pencil on paper, 8.5″ x 5″

I drew this last night on Strathmore recycled sketchbook paper with my very old GraphGear 500 0.3 mechanical pencil using 4H lead. The water took such a long time to shade in with such thin lead…

It’s be a very long time since I’ve really drawn with pencil on paper. I kind of like it though, so maybe I’ll do more in the next few days. I think that once I started painting years ago I kind of stopped drawing, except rarely, which really isn’t good. Drawing is an important foundation of art, and not drawing has probably held me back.

10 thoughts on “Night Travelers

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Foxes are one of my favorites. Just a few days ago I saw a pair of coyotes in tall grass like this. They were chasing a rabbit, but it ran out of the grass and got away by heading to nearby houses. I prefer drawing foxes though.

  1. There’s such a great sense of time and place in this piece: a nervous stillness, if that makes any sense. It’s wonderful, and i”d love to try my hand at something as subtle as this at some point. Great work.

    1. Thanks ^_^
      It was a random sketch at first, but I kept working on it and thinking of various things to add, like the water background. Now I’m kind of wishing I had gone a little further and shaded the reflections of unseen trees into the water. It looks like it has potential in the pixel art version I’m playing around with right now.

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