Snow Coyote

Snow Coyote 1

So just minutes after my last post where I mentioned sometimes seeing coyotes my mom saw one. It was near the road and about to cross but a car came and it turned back. It’d be nice to have a longer range lens for my camera, but this first photo was the best one to zoom in and crop.

Snow Coyote 2

Here it is when it first turned back from the road, which is to the right of the photo. While I don’t personally mind the coyotes being here, and they were here long before people ever came and built houses, it’s a little concerning that just on the other side of tree on the right side of the photo is a playground for children.

Snow Coyote 3

At one point while I was watching it stopped and suddenly jumped on something. Maybe there was a mouse hiding in the snow. A distance away I saw a rabbit run but the coyote didn’t see it.

Snow Coyote 4

Somewhere hidden in the brush is where it lives, and probably one or more others. I don’t know where they disappear to when they leave. I like the colors and textures of this last scene so maybe I’ll paint it later.

17 thoughts on “Snow Coyote

  1. Coyotes are wary animals and they are more afraid of humans than we are of them. Having one adjacent to a children’s playground is not cause for alarm. Just don’t leave your domesticated cat or small dog outside. Beautiful photos!

    1. I think this is nearly always true, but there may still be rare exceptions. This area has a lot of suburban sprawl and these coyotes have probably lived around people for a few generations or more, so maybe they’ll eventually be more use to us and come closer? I do hope we can live peacefully with wildlife though. In this age the decision now seems to be entirely in the hands of humans.

    1. Thanks, I was thinking so too. At some point in the next few weeks I’ll definitely try painting one or more of these. I was originally thinking oil paint but maybe watercolor would work…

  2. I love your artwork and photography. I am an artist myself but I do more designs,logos,and cartoon characters (i create my own) and not as many acrilic or oil paintings. I took an acrylic painting class onetime and loved it. But i never did start back up with it. I also do watercolor. Check out my blog to see some of my stuff. When i take pics of my art it always turns out fuzzy so there arent that many of my creations on there. How do you put pictures of your paintings on there and keep them so neat?

    1. When I take photos of a painting I usually do it outside in bright sunlight around the middle of the day. I hold the painting at arm’s length in one hand and the camera in the other, and take a few photos with the painting held at different angles compared to the sun or with different camera settings. Sometimes this works and sometimes there’s way too much glare glistening off wet paint. I always have to adjust the colors and light levels a little on my computer. Other times I scan the paintings on my scanner. If the paint is still wet I place a coin at each corner to keep the painting raised off the glass. The light from the scanner will still make a lot of glare on wet paint though, so I then flip the painting upside down and scan again to get the glare on the other side of each canvas thread. Once the two images are combined in photoshop the glare disappears. I’ve noticed that when I scan watercolors the colors end up a lot more intense than they really are, so I reduce the saturation by around 10-12%. 🙂

    1. It depends, but for people the answer is normally no because they normally avoid people. Attacks do rarely happen though. “Urban coyotes” live kind of like elusive stray dogs in populated areas except that they also hunt rats, rabbits, and people’s pets. It seems that ranchers have a lot of conflicts with them, especially when it comes to smaller livestock like sheep and goats.

  3. Thanks for liking my latest post on Studio Chatter. I like this post of yours. I think we have a coyote around my house but I haven’t seen it yet. It’s very cool that you got to watch one for a while.

    1. I think I’ve only seen coyotes maybe 5 separate times total, and two of those times there were two at once, but I hear them very often. I’ve heard that coyotes normally hunt in pairs, so if you do get to see one chances are there’s another one that you don’t see. 🙂

  4. how cool is that!? we’ve got them in a few neighborhoods in Seattle and I hear of sightings all the time, but have only seen one once – and he was brave enough around me that it made me nervous having my little dogs with and I went straight home – but he was magnificent to see all the same!

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