Snow Fall

Snow Fall

This was the scene I saw out the back door this morning at my sister’s house. I liked the way the camera’s flash made the snowflakes close to me light up. Sometimes when I look out there I see coyotes out in the open. For those of you living in other countries they’re like wolves but a little smaller. A lot of rabbits live out there too and nearby is a prairie dog colony, so the coyotes have a lot they can eat. The path is covered in snow, but that’s where I walk when I want to go to some nearby restaurants past those trees or to take my sister’s dogs for a walk while I visit her.

I’ve been sick with the flu for almost a week now and I haven’t had much energy to do much, so I’ve barely been painting or drawing.

8 thoughts on “Snow Fall

  1. Oh I wish where I lived got snow; this seems like one of the perfect snow moments. Hope you feel better very soon!

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Even though I was looking forward to the snow yesterday, I’m already hoping it (and I) gets better before the end of the week since I just got an email that a nice art store is having a 20% off sale then~

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