Three Landscapes

3 Landscapes 1

I’ve been experimenting with using water soluble graphite combined with acrylic paint on paper. This first landscape is one I made. It’s based on a watercolor painting that I made a few days ago but the original painting didn’t turn out very well. This redo looks better. I drew with the graphite first and then painted on top of that with a wet filbert brush that had a little drop of white acrylic gesso on one side of it.

3 Landscapes 2

This second landscape is a copy of a Chinese landscape painting. For this one I used a small scrubber brush and more gesso but also a little white and black acrylic paint. The brush was too rough on the paper though and the bristles kept tearing off paper fibers.

3 Landscapes 3

The last landscape is a copy of a painting by Joseph Turner. I made the red paint myself using some mars red pigment and an acrylic gel medium that I mixed together on a plastic palette with a palette knife. I think the paint turned out well. I added some white gesso to it on the palette before putting the paint on the paper because it would have been too dark. The bottom is just the graphite that I rubbed with a wet brush that had no paint on it.

6 thoughts on “Three Landscapes

      1. I look forward to seeing the results — I’ve only ever used the thinnest kind. I hadn’t thought of using it with gel! I suppose you could also use powdered charcoal with it as well.

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