Pinecone Peak

Pinecone Peak 1

Pencil on paper, 5.5″ x 8.5″

I started this about a month ago but I forgot about it until I was turning through my sketchbook a few days ago and decided to finish. It’s kind of a frankendrawing because I changed pencils and styles a few times. I remember not being sure how I wanted to draw the clouds so they got erased once or twice…

Pinecone Peak 1 Close

Here’s a closeup of the tree so you can see the pine needles. I actually enjoyed drawing them. It kind of reminded me of making pixel art.

4 thoughts on “Pinecone Peak

    1. Part way through trying to figure out where the branches should go and how they should split to look good I realized I could just draw the needles where they needed to be and then lead the branches into them. 🙂

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