Hidden Away

Hidden Away

Oil on canvas, 10″ x 8″

Lately I’ve been making a lot of things in various media in which I try techniques, styles, materials, or subject matter that I normally don’t. This started as a watercolor sketch on a whim with no real plan except to test a different technique. While I worked on the brushstrokes I thought of adding a deer to it, since so many live around my house and are always looking at me like this from a distance. I liked how it turned out and made this oil painting based on that sketch.

The colors I used for the oil painting are-
• cobalt green deep (Blue Ridge)
• cobalt turquoise (Blue Ridge)
• cadmium green (a mix I made and tubed a few months ago of viridian and cadmium yellow from various brands)
• raw sienna red shade (Blue Ridge)
• titanium white (Williamsburg)

Hidden Away Sketch

This is the original sketch, which in some ways I kind of like better. I might remake this again later as either a finished watercolor or a new oil painting.

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