Oil on canvas, 10″ x 8″

I started a basic underpainting for this a long time ago but it wasn’t turning out like I wanted and I set it aside. Nearly five weeks ago I decided to repaint it using cadmium yellow light (PY35, Winsor & Newton), Indian yellow (PY110, Blue Ridge), Florentine red (PR179, Mussini), and titanium white (PW6, Williamsburg). For some reason even now there’s still areas of paint that are wet to the touch.

For the first couple of weeks I thought it was the cadmium yellow mixed with white that was to blame, but then a week ago I noticed some of the orangish Indian yellow was wet in places too, and just now when I picked it up I got red on my fingers. It’s finally mostly dry, but the places where it’s not don’t seem to have anything in common with each other. I didn’t paint thickly or use any mediums. Some areas that are a little thicker than others are fully dry, but the red that’s still wet was painted very thinly.

Maybe it’s been too cold in my house, since I don’t use my heater very often so I can save fuel, and that’s affected the drying? That can’t be it though, because I’ve painted at least one other thing with normal oil paint during this time that has dried without problem. Some pigments take longer than others to dry, and so do some oils, but nothing should take this long, so I just don’t really know what happened here.

By the way, I just placed an order with Dick Blick and in a couple of weeks I’ll finally be able to try out block printing.

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