Moonlight Tea

Moonlight Tea

Oil on canvas, 8″x 10″

Hot cups of tea enjoyed in the moonlight. I think it’s been many years since I’ve made a still life, unless I’ve forgetting one, but I thought I’d try it again. This is modeled after a cast iron tea pot I have with two iron cups, but I didn’t actually set it in front of me while I worked so the shape is a little different. For me it’s the idea that the painting presents that matters.

I started with an underpainting with a few alkyd paints but then I painted over it with Van Dyke brown (NBr8+PBr7, Williamsburg), indigo (vat blue 1 synthetic indigo, Utrecht), and zinc white (PW4, Daniel Smith). It’s my first time using a paint from Utrecht and I liked it. The photo I took of this seems to be showing the white areas as brighter than they really are.

There’s another still life of fruit I made recently besides this but I think it needs more work.

9 thoughts on “Moonlight Tea

  1. Quite original with the mostly, blue, grey, white and black tones. One can sense the heat of the tea through the illusion of steam. The environment of the scene seems to be simple and modest, which goes well together with an iron teapot and iron tea cups. It reflects the look and feel of wabi-sabi.

    1. I’ve read about wabi-sabi both in the past and also again just recently. It’s an interesting idea that might fit in with my own developing views of art and my approach to each work. 🙂

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