Green Forest

Green Forest

Oil on canvas, 10″ x 8″

A dense green forest with a stream slipping through it. Loosely based on this painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi. I started this a long time ago but only as a sketch, and then recently I finished it. Besides the few colors I used for the sketch, I only used ultramarine green (PG24, Rembrandt), cobalt yellow (PY50, Daniel Smith) and lemon yellow (PY31, Michael Harding). The ultramarine green by itself is very cold and transparent, almost blue. It took a long time to dry. The cobalt yellow is also transparent and dries very fast. I used it to make all of the different greens and yellow greens by mixing it with ultramarine green. The lightest highlights are lemon yellow, which is opaque. Transparent shadows and opaque highlights seem to work well. I didn’t use any white paint this time.

Lately I’ve been busy in my garden. My back hurts right now from all the digging I’ve been doing to plant things, like the potatoes I planted this morning. It really wouldn’t take so long just to dig a little, but then I try to save every worm. ^_^

12 thoughts on “Green Forest

    1. They’re all really unusual paints. Cobalt yellow is still offered by several brands but I think it’s rarely used because of high price and less than perfect lightfastness. The lemon yellow, PY31, is a historical one only made by 2 brands now and has nearly become a thing of the past. It’s also toxic. Production of ultramarine green pigment stopped around 1960, so by now there’s almost no pigment left to make paint with and only one or two brands still do. Basically they’re all paints that you’d rarely if ever see on someone’s usual palette. πŸ™‚

  1. I like your version better than the original. Just wonderful atmosphere and light – and the playful soft shadows, showing us that the grass is not even, but swaying in soft “bumps”

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