Anticipation (updated)

Anticipation updated

I made some updates to this painting. The old version is below this. I added shadows along the ground to break up the main area a bit. The fox had a very faint shadow before that was too faint for the camera to really pick up so I made it stronger. I also adjusted the silhouette of the trees/bushes a little and added a second layer of them behind for depth. There’s a bit of glare in the photo, but the colors are also more accurate.


Oil on canvas, 8″ x 10″

The paints I used for this are raw umber (PBr7+PBk11, Grumbacher), magnesium ferrite (PBr11, Daniel Smith), yellow ochre pale (PY42, Winsor & Newton) and both Portland gray deep and medium (PW6,4+PBr7+PBk11, Gamblin). I’m trying to get better color accuracy in my photos but this is a little bit lighter and warmer than the real painting. Tomorrow I have a grey card coming in the mail that’ll help me get a proper white balance with my camera.

Anticipation Sketch

This is the digital sketch I made in Photoshop. At first I was just testing out some new brush presets and I liked how it was starting to look like a wind blown landscape.

5 thoughts on “Anticipation (updated)

  1. love both of them! and am just writing stories about a Fennex Fox 🙂 Are you going to exhibit?

    1. I’ve tried in the past, when I wasn’t very good, and it was a dud. I think I’ve gotten better since then but I still have a long ways to go. If I were to ever do that again I would want to be sure that I have a large body of work that is all of a certain quality. Also this small town I’m in isn’t exactly a hotspot of the art market. 🙂

      1. I have been exhibiting for 30 years. Your work quality is SO compatible with what I have been exhibited

  2. I’ve seen this scene somewhere…but I’ve never seen it. It is very wonderful feeling. I love both, but I feel this painting is getting sophisticated.
    Sorry for my poor English.

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Maybe you are describing a feeling similar to nostalgia mixed with deja vu? I think that’s how I feel about this painting. Nostalgia can be a feeling of affection for a memory or something from your past. Deja vu is a feeling that something you experience is familiar, even if you never experienced it before.

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