Firefly Forest 2

Firefly Forest 2

Oil on canvas, 7″ x 5″

A moonlit forest with fireflies.

I painted over this a few times with different paints and I don’t remember everything that I used, but I know the white is zinc white (PW4, Daniel Smith), there was a greenish black mix I made with ultramarine, transparent yellow medium (PY128, Rembrandt), and I think quinacridone magenta (PR122, Daniel Smith), and some atrament black (PBk31, Mussini). There may have also been some viridian (PG18, Williamsburg) from a sample tube I have. The fireflies are dots of nickel titanate yellow (PY53, Daniel Smith).

There’s a little bit of glare from the camera, which kind of obscures the fireflies a little.

2 thoughts on “Firefly Forest 2

  1. Now I know why I like your paintings so much: they are enchanting. You would be a great illustrator of children’s books – the ones what grown-ups love too:)

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