Fleeting Moment

Fleeting Moment

This was based on a photo of a snowy forest, but it was just trees. I made this entirely with an old tube of sepia (PBr7+PBk6, Holbein) and a new tube of snow white (pigment not listed, Shin Han). I got the snow white cheap a few months ago, a 50ml tube for only about $2 if I remember right. I’ve never used their paint before and I wanted to get one or two others, especially a black, but all that was left in stock was white.

13 thoughts on “Fleeting Moment

    1. I forgot to mention since I kept editing what I wrote, but this was done in watercolor, in case you thought otherwise. I’m starting to get back into that now. I like the interesting textures and blends that watercolor naturally produces. πŸ™‚

      1. when I look at your foxes they seem to convey a secret – sacred? knowing. They look wise – and smart too πŸ™‚

    1. I do tend to draw animals or people looking directly at the viewer. I remember studying in a class or two gazes in photography and the way people view it depending on various factors. I think what’s happening here is that when we see something looking at us we become aware that another intelligence is thinking about us. We then see ourself being internalized by that other. It’s a way of engaging the viewer directly by making them a part of what they’re viewing, or something like that.

      As for a word like “sacred” though, I can’t say that’s a word I normally use. It basically means holy, which to me only applies to God and that which is dedicated to God, so I wouldn’t describe an animal as holy.

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