Secluded Waterfall

Rocks and Waterfall

Black and white watercolor on paper

The black is German vine black (PBk8, charcoal) from Rublev and I used several different whites. This started out as a painted version of a sketch I made. It ended up with many differences, especially in the foreground which was originally going to be only water. The only brush I used is a long goat hair Chinese brush that holds a very sharp tip. There’s a few parts that could have been better but I like how this worked out.

5 thoughts on “Secluded Waterfall

    1. In the forum I posted this some people think the waterfall looks like a rocket taking off. Are you seeing that vertical white/light area in the center as a crevice or canyon going back into the rocks? If so, that’s not really what I intended, but it seems like it might be a good idea to try. I need to practice falling water more though. 🙂

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