Mossy Waterfall Sketch

Mossy Waterfall Sketch

Watercolor on 90lb Aquabee paper, 3.5″x6″

One of a few sketches I was working on in preparation for a larger painting. The colors I used were German vine black (PBk8, Rublev), a pan premix I made of rich green gold (PY129, Daniel Smith) and tiny amount of shungite black ochre (self made, pigment from Natural Pigments), a white I made from marble dust, and a small touch of a couple of others. It’s not perfect, but I like the style of it. Maybe it’s kind of dreamy? I need to plan out the water better for the final version.

6 thoughts on “Mossy Waterfall Sketch

  1. I love the depth of your process, the curiosity. And I love what goes on in the upper left corner in the background of the water. being Norwegian, I have seen a lot of waterfalls close up- and you have truly expressed something essential there

    1. I’ve only ever seen a few waterfalls. Maybe even just one or two in person, that I can remember. My reference folders have a lot of them though, including many from Norway.

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