Waterfall Book 6

Waterfall Book 6

Graphite on paper, 7″ x 5″

For this one I tried various tools on a sketch paper version of this drawing, but then settled on just using a Palomino Blackwing pencil and an eraser.

Waterfall Book 6 Tools

The strange point on the pencil is because lately I’ve been sharpening my pencils by carefully carving just the wood away with a sharp knife, which saves some of the graphite. The eraser on the pencil is good and I used it some, but the Tombow Mono let me erase small areas for the highlights on the tree branches in the background.

6 thoughts on “Waterfall Book 6

    1. If you want to try it too, I’d suggest a real knife like the Mora companion that I used, rather than a razor blade like I’ve seen other artists do. A razor doesn’t give much to hold on to and presents a risk of it slipping out of your hand, but a good knife is much safer since you can get a good hold on it. I’ve recently started doing this with a variety of pencils and colored pencils and it works well, though sometimes you’ll still need to shave the lead a bit for a sharp point just for details. 🙂

    1. It is very useful. With other erasers the edges and corners are a prime resource for fine and accurate erasing, but they quickly round off. This one has been great for getting into tight spots. Alternatively you could cut an eraser to regain a sharp edge, but eventually you’ll be left with lots of small wasted pieces. 🙂

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