Waterfall Book 7 and Sketches

Waterfall Book 7

Graphite on paper, 7″ x 5″

This time I added a fox and tried a different viewing angle. I think so far this project has been beneficial for me because each waterfall drawing I try to figure out a fresh view on the same basic subject, so to avoid repetitiveness I have to plan and try new things. In other words, you eventually have to start thinking outside the box. Adding a second point of interest, like animals, people, or buildings, also gives more options for the total composition, but I still want to explore a diversity of waterfall views and avoid simply drawing the same one over and over as only a backdrop for the other point of interest.

Waterfall Book 7 Tools

For this drawing I used an old graphite stick that at some point in the past I must have shaved to have a mostly rounded end. I don’t know the softness of it because it doesn’t have any writing on the side, but it’s something softer than HB. Also I used an old lead holder with HB lead in it, and the Tombow eraser again.

Here’s some drawings I made in a moleskin notebook during the past week.

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