Waterfall Book 12

A gentle stream through a meadow

Ink on paper, 7″ x 5″, Click here for full sized image

This week was a struggle. I probably tried doing too many different things that I’m not used to in one drawing. It all started by hoping to make some positive changes after I critiqued myself about a few problem areas in my art. Stiffness and lack of accurate or realistic detail are near the top of the list and always have been. That lead to many last minute practice sketches unsuccessfully trying to copy someone else’s style that’s the opposite of mine. This week’s drawing is now the result of one adjustment to the original plan after another in an effort to cope with the unfamiliar territory.

Once the final plan was moving forward the hardest part was probably trying to force randomness and variation while only using a limited number of shapes. Towards the end it became a test of endurance to draw so many leaves, and then a rush to get it done and posted while it’s still Wednesday for me.

Materials used:
Koh-i-Noor rapidograph 00 (.3) technical pen with waterproof ink
Used for all the thin black lines. Autocorrect keeps wanting to called it a radiograph.

Kuretake brush pen #8 with non-waterproof ink
Used for dark shadows. The original plan was to take advantage of this ink being not waterproof and use a wet brush for blending and shading after it was on the paper along with either colored ink or watercolor after that. The moment I tried to blend it with water it bled through the paper. That ended all of those plans, so once again it was necessary to change course and adapt. That’s when the cross hatching started.

6 thoughts on “Waterfall Book 12

  1. I like the results of your ‘struggle’…thank you for showing it to us! I had to search for the waterfalls through all the detail, but that’s a good thing, as it meant I had to look at everything, twice, at least, and appreciated your efforts. 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Originally I was going to make a closer scene with the “waterfall” be in the form of water dripping off leaves, but the scene wasn’t coming together like I wanted in the sketches. Maybe in a future one I’ll try it again.

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