Red Deer

Hillside with Red Deer
Acrylic on paper, 8.5″ x 6″

Here’s a painting from a couple of days ago. The reference photo is from Paint my Photo, here.

The colors used are just titanium white, ivory black, and burnt sienna. Early on some premixed neutral grey was used too out of convenience but it wasn’t necessary. Again the paper was just regular sketch paper, and you can see the buckling of it in the background, but I like how the acrylic paint feels on it more than on bristol board.

7 thoughts on “Red Deer

    1. There was no stretching, just a medium base coat of warm grey paint in about a square (later expanded on the left side a little) in the middle of the sketch paper while it was still in the pad. That causes bad wrinkling, but I ignore it and keep working because it’ll start to settle back down most of the way. I should try stretching this paper sometime. I think glazing the burnt sienna on a light base for the reddest areas, rather than reducing its chroma with white, helped expand the color range by making it look like a stronger red had been used. 🙂

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