Waterfall Book 19

A Little Bird Catching a Bug
Colored pencil on paper, 7″ x 5″

One more try at colored pencil, but this’ll probably be the last time I use it in this notebook since the paper is so smooth that it doesn’t pick up the color well. I think I have a good idea of a material to use for next week though.

Notebook Ready For Drawing
Drawing setup

Here’s how I started, with the notebook clamped open on an old canvas board resting on my desktop easel and the sketch stuck above it using a little modeling clay.

4 thoughts on “Waterfall Book 19

  1. Nice work. What kind of colored pencil are you using? If you’re not using them already, you might try Prismacolor. (Not an advert, just my own favorite.)

    1. These are Koh i Noor polycolor pencils. I actually like them and they worked well on the sketch paper that has more tooth, but maybe next time I use colored pencils I’ll try out my set of Tombow irojiten pencils. Prismacolor I’ve used in the past and they were good, but then they moved their production and the quality immediately went down. The lead of many pencils would break over and over as they were being sharpened no matter how careful I was and I’ve noticed others saying the same thing online. Maybe they’ve fixed that now? 🙂

      1. That broken-lead Prismacolor problem IS annoying. I hadn’t noticed it was recent, and I’ve been using them for years; anytime anyone drops one of those pencils they break up inside. Other than that, they’re great. :/ I’ve been tempted to try the Blick house-brand version, but have been working only in oils lately.

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