Green Frog

Frog in a Pond
Watercolor on paper, 5.5″ x 5.75″

It’s a new week, still barely Sunday for me, and I’m hoping to get a lot done. First is a little study painting of a frog, referenced from Janina Suuronen on Paint my Photo. Should I put the link to the photo like I have been? If you don’t have an account then it won’t show you the photo, so maybe there’s no purpose?

Anyways the paints I used were just Monte Amiata natural sienna and jadeite genuine from Daniel Smith, as well as Verona green earth from Rublev. So just two earthy greens and an earthy yellow.

I started drawing the outlines with a sharp brush (Sceptre Gold II #4 from Winsor & Newton) and the green earth, which is very transparent and perfect for this task. Then I switched between that and a small unnamed Japanese flat synthetic before eventually settling on a da Vinci CosmoTop Mix B Quill, Size 0 for the majority of the details. Both that and the sceptre gold are natural and synthetic blends.

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