Waterfall Book 21

Birds at a Fountain
Mixed media on paper, 7″ x 5″

This week it’s a different sort of waterfall. Originally it was just going to be ink and maybe graphite, but to correct various mistakes several other media were introduced. It didn’t really work very well, but I still like the idea. There’s only four more of these left now.

7 thoughts on “Waterfall Book 21

    1. I’m glad the color worked then, because the old brush pen I used for it was messy and one of the mistakes that needed some adjusting. At first I was going to make the background birds lighter with just pencil and no color, but tried the brown pen instead. Then the two closer birds looked weird without color. It developed as I went. 🙂

  1. Dare I say…the flapping bird on the left, looks like it is going to take the grey bird, also on the left, by the scruff of that bird’s neck and fling it aside, so that it can get to the water…. LOL…I like the composition and the humour. Only 4 left? pages in the book…

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