Book Cliffs

Book Cliffs at Evening
Acrylic on printmaking paper, 9.5″ x 4″

From the field near me there’s a good view of the Book Cliffs a few miles to the north. Oftentimes big rainclouds will roll over them like this.

Book Cliffs

This panorama was made from a series of many photos that Photoshop was able to automatically stitch together.

12 thoughts on “Book Cliffs

    1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
      I was going to post the reference photo with this too, but didn’t because while the realism worked out alright the attempt at accuracy didn’t go as well. I’ve updated this post with the photo now so you can see it. There’s an airport that you can’t see beyond the trees.

      1. I love it. I think your painting is better than the photo. Although the pieced together photo is great! I’d be thrilled to be able to paint this way. What is your surface like? Fairly thin?

      2. It’s Dick Blick’s masterprinter sulphite block printing paper, 50 lb., which is actually the same weight as the Canson sketch paper I often paint on. Actually, they’re very similar in many ways. The printmaking paper is a little whiter, but beside that the differences are subtle.

  1. I have liked this before but didn’t comment, now I will….absolutely beautiful. I am hoping to get back into acrylics once I buy my basic set but with Golden. I have the Liquiditex brand but wanting to phase them out and go to the Golden brand. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to make that purchase. I read that you are a Christian and hoping to convey a spiritual quality to your paintings. I love that! we are creative people and when we have a Creative Father in heaven….well, it is only natural to convey Him in our paintings. I see that spiritual quality in this painting, the lighting reminds me of the old masters especially in the bluffs.

    1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
      I have a few acrylics from Golden and they’re good. I like transparent yellow iron oxide.
      Sometimes I’m not sure how to best include Christianity in art, but I want to make a more dedicated effort. I was thinking about illustrating some of the proverbs, since proverbs in general seem to be well appreciated by society at large.

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