Reservoir and Trees

Reservoir with Fast Moving Trees
Black and white charcoal and graphite on grey paper, 8.5″ x 5.5″

A reservoir with a large dam, not seen, in the Rocky Mountains a little distance west of Denver. Although the reference photo I used was actually a clear view of the reservoir, in recognition of the trees that kept photobombing me as my train moved I added some in.

2 thoughts on “Reservoir and Trees

  1. I’ve been following this blog for a while now but not bothering to comment (sorry!), but this sketch gives me no end of jollies. The dark “reflected” trees rimming the expanse of white lake are incredibly effective, and the more blurred trees in the foreground (the “photo bombers”) are a fantastic touch. They give such a great photographic “depth of field” feel, as well as a sense of motion.

    I imagine you worked from a stable place, from photos, after the train ride? I’ve tried to draw on the train and found it just hopelessly, frustratingly wobbly. Although, now that I’m starting to experiment with abstract, maybe I should try again? 😉

    Anyway, many thanks for posting your work. Your subjects and approaches are so varied it’s always interesting, instructive, and very motivating!


    1. Thanks ^_^
      Those are just the effects I was going for with the foreground trees. Normally I draw everything as if in focus, but for a long while I’ve been very interested in cameras and narrow depth of field effects, so it seemed like a good experiment to try out. The paper blending stick above the mechanical pencil in the photo was very useful to smooth out the charcoal and soften the edges.

      I’ve tried drawing on trains before and it’s doable but difficult with the bumps. Mostly though I just don’t like people seeing what I’m drawing before it’s done. 🙂

      Thanks for the encouraging comment

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