Rocky Mountain

Evening Mountain in Watercolor
Watercolor on printmaking paper, 4″ x 6.75″

I want to start a fresh approach to this blog by using a weekly palette theme. Yesterday on Instagram I posted this five color watercolor palette. That’s the palette used here, with all five colors being used (viridian + burnt sienna made some of the darker browns). Over the next few days I’ll try painting a variety of subjects with these.

The goal with this approach is to grow by finding and overcoming challenges. Also, it’ll be a motivation to get out some less used paints. If you guys have any suggestions, maybe in another medium as well, let me know.

6 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain

  1. Beautiful painting. I dont think it looks like a photo, to me it has a strong style to it. Reminds me of the Japanese woods block paintings. Beautiful harmonious palette also.

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