Blue Evening Forest

Year's End
Watercolor on sketch paper, 8.5″ x 5.25″

Here’s the last post for the year. It’s from a combination of a few photos I took of these trees.

So looking back on this past year’s posts it looks like I’ve been more productive and I hope to keep the pace up in 2017. I wanted to thank all of you guys for your encouragement. Some of you have been following my posts for years now, which I think is amazing, and although I’m not very good at responding I do notice.

Next year less than two days away now. Some of you might be thinking about a New Year’s Resolution. A few might even keep theirs. Positive change really is possible though. You probably can’t tell from looking at my art now, but many years ago before I became a Christian the things I drew were much different and had a lot of blood and gore. God can help make lasting changes in people.

4 thoughts on “Blue Evening Forest

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Yeah, the chilly blues attracted me to the scenes and was something I hoped to convey. Most people might think they’re bad photos, at least on their own, but the mood came through in them.

    1. Thanks 🙂
      It occurred to me that we ourselves are an argument in favor of God.
      For the composition I was kind of panicking near the end because I needed to finish it before Sabbath started and I realized that the tree in the center was nearly perfectly cutting the composition in half. So I added two darker (because everything else there was already painted) trees to the left of it. That caused the four center trees to kind of merge together into one visual element group, the center of which is off the center of the whole image. I’ve been experimenting with composition a bit lately.
      God bless.

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