Digital Sketches

Digital Sketch 1 - Man Walking Against the Wind

Lately I haven’t had much will to make art, but here’s a few things I worked on. These are all made in Photoshop CS4. I was making a few custom brushes settings and trying them out on 500x500px canvases when I noticed they looked like I could make something out of them.

Mountains and Clouds

Mountains and Clouds 3a

Here’s a few iPad drawings I had made a couple of weeks ago. Above is the third and final drawing of these three. Originally I was going to have ibexes in the foreground like in the two sketches before it, but it wasn’t working like I wanted in this final one and I redesigned it to have birds flying.

Mountains and Clouds 1a

This was the first drawing I made with the Tayasui Sketches app, and at this point I was just using my finger to draw.

Mountains and Clouds 2a

For this second drawing I used a stylus. I like it, but it’s kind of a boring composition, so after this I started the final drawing that I posted at the top.

Arctic Fox on Rocks

Arctic Fox on Rocks

Here’s another iPad drawing. For both this and the last drawing I posted I used Tayasui Sketches, plus a little contrast adjustment after transferring it to my laptop. I’m still very busy, but I’ve managed to get this and a few drawings done that I’ll scan later.

Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains 1

Here’s a drawing I made on an old iPad mini that I was recently given and a stylus pen I mail ordered. It’s how I remember a scene that I saw on a train ride through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado earlier this week.

The last several weeks have been very busy, etc, and although I have made some art it hasn’t been anything finished enough to post.

Forest Deer

Forest Deer

Photoshop illustration, 521 x 322 pixels

I made this over a year and a half ago but it looks like I never posted it. The canvas dimensions are from the Lucas Numbers with 521 being the next number in the series after 322.

Digital illustration was always something I was really interested in because of the amount of amazing art people have made with programs like Photoshop, but I never really got very good at it or fully comfortable with the tools. I do like how this one turned out though. Maybe I’ll give it another real, good, honest try, and not like the “tries” I’ve made in the past, the next time I have a chance, in a week or so.

Quiet Black Mountains

Quiet Black Mountains

Digital, 400x600px

I made this in Corel Painter X3. It’s my first time using this version. For some reason I can’t think of much to say about this. The tools have a lot of potential and I think I enjoyed making digital art again after so long, but maybe real paint is more visceral and more satisfying for me. If only real paintings had an undo button, then I’d be set. I’ll work with this some more and see what I can do.

Rain Fox

Rain Fox

I was trying out different things in Photoshop yesterday and came up with this. Then I thought I’d make a new 64×64 pixel art avatar for use on this one other website, so I did this version with 4 colors. It’s a little rough, but with so few colors it’s pretty much bound to be.

Rain Fox Avatar

Photoshop Drawings

Rocky Shore

It’s been a really long time since I’ve actually drawn things in Photoshop. Normally I just use it for graphic design or pixel art, not actual drawing. All of these have a dimension of 322×521, taken from the Lucas number sequence, which is based on the Fibonacci number sequence. In other words they’re all golden rectangles.

Rocky Shore

This was based on a photo I saw of a beach, but not copied directly. It’s the same basic scene with my own details and composition.

Albino Pacman Frog

I drew this sketch from a photo of an albino pacman frog I found on wikimedia commons, here.