Clouded Volcano

Clouded Volcano

3D render in Blender, touchups in Photoshop

At the start I was practicing and experimenting with making clouds in Blender, and eventually it became this. I think it looks kind of like a photo, even though it’s all 3D. I had tried having smoke come out of the volcano but I liked how serene it seemed without it. Even though I live very close to a large dormant volcano, maybe a 10 minute drive away, it’s not quite as dramatic as this. Still, the one near me can look pretty good when the clouds are just right.

Tiny House

Tiny House 1

Blender 2.71, rendered in Cycles with 3 renders of 300 samples each and combined in Photoshop to reduce noise.

This is my first finished 3D project after I finally gave Blender another try a week and a half ago. It’s a free 3D program and I’ve been wanting to do something 3D for many years, but the last time I tried I had no idea what I was doing. Back then was basically just me opening Blender, looking at the interface, and thinking “huh?” before closing it. This time I watched a series of tutorial videos on and it’s actually fairly easy to pick up on. Most of what I did here was covered in those beginner tutorials.

One idea I had for 3D work would be to make a few houses like this, copy them until I had built a village, and then I could position the camera wherever I want to get references for paintings that would have accurate perspective and shadows.

My computer is a bit old though. I’m still using my late 2008 aluminum unibody macbook, 2.4GHz core 2 duo, nvidia geforce 9400m 256MB, 4GB ram (recently installed, all these years I’ve been using 2GB), and a new crucial M500 ssd (a bit harder to install because I had to use pliers to get an overtightened screw out of my macbook). I figure with those two recent upgrades I’ll get by for at least a few more years with this.