Verdant Canyon

Green Forested Canyon
Watercolor and gouache on 140 lb watercolor paper, 4.5″ x 6.125″

Painted from another photo out the train window as we passed through a canyon a little to the east and north of here a few weeks ago.

Verdant Canyon Ref

Mist Canyon

Oil on linen, 5″x7″

This is based on a watercolor painting from Joseph Turner. I had started this a while back but didn’t get around to uploading it here until now. A big reason for making this was to try out some of the paints that I had just gotten at the time, mostly from Gamblin and I think Old Holland. They all worked out really well. I don’t remember every paint I was trying on this, but I know there was portland grey and burnt umber from Gamblin. The yellow was most likely mars yellow from Old Holland.