Yunshan 3

Watercolor on Fabriano 300lb paper

Yesterday I got an order of pigments from Natural Pigments. This one is Pozzuoli Red (PR102) that I mixed with some gum arabic that I already had to make my own watercolor paint. I really like this earthy red. It’s pretty much exactly what I was hoping for from a red earth pigment.

This is also the very last scrap of my last sheet of large 300lb watercolor paper from this pack that I’ve had since some huge number of years ago, I think at least 10, so tomorrow I’m finally going to break open a new pack of 300lb paper.

Trees of Yunshan

Watercolor on 300lb Fabriano soft press watercolor paper, 5.5″x7.75″

I had read on handprint (the single best source of watercolor paint info) that prussian blue and venetian red were pretty close to exact mixing compliments, so I decided to put a large amount of my newly gotten Daniel Smith prussian blue on my wax paper palette and mix it with some of my old Winsor & Newton venetian red. I mixed it with a palette knife while adjusting it a bit and this grey is what I came up with.

Not exactly a 100% neutral grey, but it’s close and I really like it. It’s kind of weird though because in masstone it’s definitely a reddish color, but thinned with water it becomes a warm grey. I’ve saved the rest of the paint, since I only used a small portion, in a small porcelain saucer that I also got from Daniel Smith a couple of days ago. The white that I used a little bit of was the same one I had made myself yesterday.

Iron Yunshan

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Self made watercolor on Fabriano 300lb soft press paper, 4.75″x9″

I just got some things in the mail from Daniel Smith, including some gum arabic, so I mixed it with some dry pigment I already had, also from Daniel Smith, and a little bit of honey to make some watercolors. Unfortunately I only have mars black and titanium white, but this was my first time making watercolor paint.

Lately I’ve been looking through Natural Pigment’s catalog and I’m really interested in a set like this one. I have a very long wish list of their dry pigments that I want to try making my own paint from.

Also this was my first time using a daVinci Cosmotop-spin brush and it worked out really well. It’s not the only one I used here, but I thought I’d mention how good it seems to be.

Sunny Yunshan

Watercolor on 140lb Strathmore cold press paper, 5″x7″

I used the same three watercolor paints from Rublev that I did on Landscape in Earth Colors. Each of these three paints is made from natural earth from Italy. I definitely want to get more of these, but I think I’ll need to use up some of the paint I already have before I can justify yet another order in the near future.

Misty Mountain Valley

Oil on canvas, 5″x7″

Based on some of the Chinese landscape paintings I’ve been looking at lately.

I made this entirely with Blue Ridge charcoal black oil paint, mixed with various amounts of both liquin and paint thinner. No white was used, and the light areas are where the paint was applied more thinly in a glaze over the white canvas. The fact that charcoal black, which is made from ground up charcoal, is very transparent to begin with made it very well suited for this.

Clouded Cliffs

Oil on canvas, 5″x7″

This is based on a Chinese landscape painting that I saw somewhere. I don’t normally use turpentine when I actually paint, instead using it for brush cleaning only, but this time I gave it a try and liked the results. This was painted quickly with just black and white in one short painting session using one of my new faux mongoose brushes from Daniel Smith.

I recently got an order of stuff from Dick Blick, including a stack of a total of 80 canvas boards in two different sizes for a very low price plus a bulk discount. I’m going to be making a lot of paintings with these.

Mountain Stream

Watercolor on 300lb paper, 5″x6.5″

I copied this out of a book of Chinese landscape paintings. I think it’s only a small portion of the entire painting and I wasn’t trying to be very exact. Made entirely with Daniel Smith lunar black.


Watercolor on 300lb paper, 5″x7.25″

I was starting to paint a tapir but somehow it became a landscape painting. How did this happen? It is a mystery.

Painted entirely with Winsor & Newton payne’s gray.

Also, I’m skipping color theory thursday this week because I’m burnt out from all the paint swatches I’ve been making lately, but I have a couple of really good ideas (I think they are) so I’ll use one of them next week.

Painting a Day 6: Mars Black

Handmade oil paint on linen, 5″x7″

This painting is based on a Chinese landscape that I saw in a book.

I made the paint by hand, mixing dry mars black (PBk11) pigment with walnut oil. I was very impressed with the resulting paint and really want to get some more dry pigments to do this with. I also made some titanium white (PW6) but didn’t use any in this painting. Both paints are very concentrated and feel as good if not better than a lot of the paint I buy in a tube. I applied the paint with a palette knife.

Earlier today I made another painting like this with my first batch of paint, which was thinner and had more oil in it. I posted it on twitpic here.